About Us –

We are Wild and West, a digital marketing agency specializing in Facebook and Google advertising. Our goal is to help business owners grow their businesses to be the best that they can be. We want to help make running ads easier so that you can focus on what really matters: the services/products you provide to your customers.

What We Do:

We help businesses grow by improving on what they’re already doing as well as implementing a few key things we’ve learned over the years. This can be anything from doing a small consultation, helping them to update the copy on their website and doing minor SEO work, helping them build out full-fledged funnels, or managing their ad spend on various social media platforms.

How We Do It:

We take the skills we’ve learned over the course of our 10+ years of experience and our 20+ clients and utilize them to create the best results, tailored specifically to YOU and your business.

That is how we help you achieve EXPONENTIAL GROWTH.

Why It Works:

Everything we do is data-driven! That means that we use numbers alone to make decisions when it comes to things like analyzing ad spend (ROAS) and website traffic/leads. Numbers don’t lie! By using these tactics, we ensure only the best results because our decisions are not clouded by opinions or assumptions. We let the numbers/facts speak for themselves.

Our Stats:

We currently spend over $300k/m on FB and Instagram alone (we also spend a substantial amount on Google, Pinterest, Reddit, and Youtube).

Some Services/Skills We Can Provide:

1. Audience build-out
2. Ad creation (both creative and copy)
3. A/B Testing
4. Landing page optimization
5. Analysis (Making decisions based on the data)
6. Scaling (we have a few clients we took from <$100/d to >$1,000’s/d in a matter of a couple of weeks.)
7. SEO Optimization
8. Graphic Design/Video Editing

Our Process

Reverse Engineering
Media Buying

One of the best ways to ensure that something will work is to base it off of something that already is! We like to “reverse engineer” other companies within your niche to see what they’re doing – and do it better! 

SEO/SEM is a very important but often misunderstood part of every company’s game plan. SEO/SEM ensures that your website actually comes up on search engines. Over the years, we’ve learned what it is that search engines look for when finding results for searchers and we will bring that knowledge to you and your business.

Media Buying is the bread-and-butter of our work. Our 10+ years of experience have given us the skills we need to make sure that the money you spend on ads is used to its fullest potential and to garner you the best results possible.

Reverse Engineering


Media Buying